Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Lost Symbol

The Dan Brown book has now been read cover to cover - very much a good book in my opinion. From memory, would say that it is on par with Angels & Demons and far better than the DaVinci Code.

Have come to the conclusion that this is because Angels & Demons and The Lost Symbol are equal parts science and religion unlike the heavily history adorned DaVinci Code.

Had some good news from the GP - the "all clear" but like all good news, it tends to herald the arrival of the bad. The black could which defines the purpose of the silver lining.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Casual Dress

Today I wore jeans and a t-shirt which would always be my first choice up until I realised that people take you less seriously in the absence of a shirt and tie.

Highlight of my day was being reminded of how much I dislike the phrase "Do what I say, not what I do" - especially when the subject's role is to promote the exact opposite.

Felt very much in need of a hug from Mrs Ex which is a natural hazzard of relationships laced with busy and independant lifestyles. On the plus side, the hugs are far better that way.

Plan to give up smoking is still exactly that - just a plan. The weekend may be a good time to kick this off.

Early reports from the Dan Brown book are inconclusive - must make more progress tonight, will have more of an opinion tomorrow.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Sexual Health

Had an appointment today at 17:00

The first opportunity to meet my new GP manifested itself as a clipped conversation around thrush and a swab - exactly the sort of thing that happens to me.

Looking back, I was faintly aware of the small voice which said "looking up male sexual health swabbing on the internet is a bad idea" before I then actually did so. Turns out that it was a bad idea.

I would suggest not looking for videos on youtube for this topic - especially if you are doing so as pre-appointment research.

The reality of the male sexual health swab (in my brief experience) is nothing like the horror stories that can be read, seen and heard.

Stories of apparatus inserted all over the place could not be further from the truth.

Have to ring up to get the results on either Thursday or Friday.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Giving Up Smoking

Before I make a head for the Sunday night sleep before the Monday morning, start of a long week to come, best be noting that I am toying with the idea of jacking in smoking.

A week ago I bought 210 pieces of nicotine gum - as soon as the right moment kicks in, I will be hitting it as hard as I can. If all goes well - I will avoid disapproving looks from general medical and dental practitioners in the future. Will keep you posted.

Sunday Introductions

Started to read The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and started to write a blog. Hope the book lives up to Angels & Demons - Da Vinci Code was rubbish by comparison.

Had my hair done and half a subway melt too - more productive than expected.